• On November 11, 2016 by Acus Admin

    Happy Veterans Day from Acus Foundation!

    On Veterans Day, we honor our nation’s veterans at Acus Foundation. It’s a part of our daily life.

    We know how to help the men and women who bravely served our country, and who still struggle with chronic pain, PTSD, and the physical and moral injuries caused by war. Our specialized military medical acupuncture techniques have worked time and again to help patients who were often thought of as hopeless.

    We’ve seen veterans on the brink of suicide come back to life after a sequence of treatments. We’ve seen spouses declare with joy that they’re enjoying their “new husbands.” We’ve seen soldiers get off opioids and return to duty.

    By giving military doctors the tools to treat the whole patient, whether active duty or veteran, we channel the original intention of Veterans Day – celebrating the lessening of pain and suffering – and we ask you to help us continue this important work. Please donate today.