Acus Foundation 2015 Annual Report Published

We are very pleased to announce that our 2015 Annual Report has just been published. Download your electronic copy here, or if you prefer a paper copy, please email

Acus Foundation Annual Report_2015

What military physicians, service members, and veterans are saying about Acus medical acupuncture

“The D-word [divorce] hasn’t come up since my first treatment… I’m a normal person again.”

–Marine Sergeant (ret.) injured in an IED explosion


“If we are going to be healers, and the military is going to use its physicians to their fullest capacity, this is the type of training that I fully believe we should be getting.”

–Psychiatrist, U.S. Marine Corps

“I was on 22 medications… now I’m down to two.”

Air Force Sgt. (ret.) with chronic pain and post-traumatic stress after severe vehicle accident


“Since integrating this treatment [acupuncture] into my clinical practice, I have witnessed an unprecedented improvement to those suffering from chronic pain syndromes.”

–Nurse Practitioner, U.S. Army

Highlights include:

  • Trained 94 military and VA physicians in medical acupuncture
  • Inaugurated the pilot research and teaching program at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas
  • Donated more than $500,000 in materials and course instruction
  • Trends at Nellis AFB showing in just six months 75% overall improvement in patient symptoms and 50% reduction in prescriptions for symptomatic medication (i.e., painkillers, antidepressants, sleep aids)
2015 Acus Annual Report