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    Think Acupuncture First for the Holidays

    Think Acupuncture First this holiday season, and your gift will be matched 100%!

    Our goal at Acus Foundation is to make medical acupuncture standard care for our nation’s service members and veterans.

    We train our doctors to Think Acupuncture First when evaluating a patient, and to use medical acupuncture as a primary treatment for pain and stress.

    We are creating a culture of medicine where drug-free options are prioritized over addictive pharmaceuticals.

    Will you join us and Think Acupuncture First this holiday season?

    Make a tax-deductible gift today and your gift will go twice as far. A generous donor has agreed to match all donations dollar-for-dollar through the end of the year.

    Help to make medical acupuncture standard care for those who serve.




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    Healing Broken Bodies, Broken Hearts

    Since 2015, Acus Foundation has trained 350 military doctors who are now working in clinics and hospitals across the nation and across the globe.

    They are saving lives every day. They are saving veterans like Matt, who stockpiled his painkillers with the intent to end his life.

    With medical acupuncture, Acus-trained doctors have options they lacked before.

    They can do more than just write a prescription. They now have the skills to heal broken bodies and broken hearts.

    Freed from pain and stress, and freed from opioids, patients treated with Acus medical acupuncture can hope and dream and live again.

    Will you join us and give today? 

    Time is running out to save more lives—please give generously.

    Thank you for making warriors well.

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    “Medical Acupuncture Saved My Life”

    U.S. Air Force veteran, Matt, had been saving his painkillers. Every day, he took one pill and set aside another… until he had a stockpile of opioids that would be enough to end his life.

    Matt felt numb and hopeless. He had been prescribed dozens of medications over the years, and he suspected the drugs were only making his pain and stress worse.

    His new Acus-trained primary care doctor, Col. (ret) Paul Crawford, MD, suspected the same thing.

    Crawford took one look at Matt’s medications and thought, “medical acupuncture would be a better treatment option.”

    Matt agreed.

    After just a few acupuncture treatments, Matt tapered off all his painkillers. He felt better. He slept better. His relationships at home and at work got better. Everything about his life improved.

    Two years later, Matt says without hesitation: “Medical acupuncture saved my life.”

    Will you help save the lives of veterans like Matt?

    Give to Acus Foundation today.



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    Help Us Save Lives on #GivingTuesday

    Today is Giving Tuesday.

    Today it is estimated that 30 military active duty service members and veterans will take their lives.

    Our doctors help to bring these men and women back from the brink of suicide by using medical acupuncture to calm the anxiety, depression, hypervigilance, and insomnia—the hallmarks of post-traumatic stress—that often anticipate suicide.

    Will you join us in saving lives with medical acupuncture?

    For today only, Facebook will match donations dollar-for-dollar up to a total of $7M. Give now and help us make our match.

    Help us restore the vitality of those who have served our country. Help us make warriors well.

    Make a donation today. Your gift will save lives.